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Welcome to Brilliant Mornings!

I'm Heidi Illian - mother of three, wife, home educator, and a podcaster with a love for discovering people's stories!

My eldest son has always learned best by listening to stories and songs, and in March of 2020, I started recording our audio "adventures" in which my children and their friends discover the wonders of history, culture, science, and math. Little did I know, my son and his friends would get hooked on this form of interactive audio education!

Thus Brilliant Mornings was born and has become a staple in many homes around the globe!

Well-written historical fiction has always given me a connection to people from the past and filled me with a fascination for many cultures. As I have dug deeper into primary sources, I've been so inspired that I needed to write stories of my own based on my research.  

I write to inspire children and families all over the world. May we find the beauty in every culture, understand each person, know the truth, and impact our corners of the world for good! I hope your family enjoys this resource as much as we enjoy creating it! We have so much to discover together!

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