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Welcome to the Timeline!

Scroll and select fascinating historical figures from the time period you are studying! Click each box to hear a related Brilliant Mornings episode and find RESOURCES!

0-33 A.D.


A Jewish carpenter fulfills scripture and changes history forever!
1000 A.D.

 Leif Erikson 

A Viking lands in North America!  

1517 A.D.

Martin Luther

A new understanding of the Bible makes him reform Catholic tradition.

1608 A.D.

Coming November 2021!


An Algonquian princess works to bridge the gap with Europeans.

1621 A.D.

Squanto & The Pilgrims

The intersecting stories of those seeking freedom.

1815 A.D.

 Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Mother of Abraham Lincoln

1855 A.D.

Nancy Matthews Elliot
Thomas Edison’s Mother

1860 A.D.

Abraham Lincoln

President during the Civil War who emancipated the enslaved

1882 A.D.

Labor Day

A peek at the fight to end unfair working conditions. 

1940 A.D.

Alberta William King
Mother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

165 B.C.


Brave Jewish brothers save the temple.
400 A.D.

St. Patrick

Escaping enslavement, he returns to the Irish with a message. 

1450 A.D.

Johannes Gutenberg

His printing press makes books available to all! 
1600 A.D.

The Iriquois Confederacy

This strong Native American treaty exemplified union for the colonies.

1620 A.D.

Coming November 2021!

Mary of the Mayflower

From England, to Holland, to America: one woman’s story.

1776 A.D.

Thomas Jefferson

Writer of the Declaration of Independence 

1820 A.D.

Sarah Bush Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s Step-Mother

1858 A.D.

Benito Juarez

The Mexican reformer and President behind Cinco de Mayo 

1870 A.D.

Henrietta Wood

Born into slavery, freed, then kidnapped - she sued her captor and won!

1935 A.D.

Mahatma Gandhi

A peaceful protest leader helped India gain independence from England

1956 A.D.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A civil rights leader inspires change for people of color 
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