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Mahatma Gandhi:
Peaceful Protest Leader for India's Independence

1935 A.D.

Where did the Indian civilization begin? Why did they need to win their Independence? Who was Gandhi? Today we wrap up our fun activities with the number 15, counting in 5's, Fibonacci's Sequence, the pr- blend and understanding love! 

You will need:
1. Counters
2. Any pictures/books to provide visuals and familiarize yourself with India and Mahatma Gandhi.
3. Activity: Try eating a bland meal without salt, and then add in the salt and taste it again.  Picture how it must have felt for some of the Indian people to have to take their meals without salt before the Salt March (remember most Indian dishes are full of flavor)! 
4. Singing Voice! 
5. Cards, each with a PR blend word written on it, such as pretty, princess, proud, or protect, (or choose a blend you are learning). Have your child pick 5 cards and make a tongue twister with the words!

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