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Benito Juarez:
Mexican President & Cinco De Mayo

1858 A.D.

Grace, Josiah, and their entire group of friends from America stood speechless, watching a battle between French and Mexican soldiers unfold before their very eyes.  They had traveled to Mexico to experience a holiday called Cinco de Mayo and had met a friendly girl named Ashley who gave tours with her family.  Along the way, discover the identify of the hiding boy, the best Mexican meals, and what "Yo soy..." means!  

Join us as we discover Spanish phrases, Mexican foods, and  stories from Mexico's history! The stories today center around the idea that even a lump of slimy clay can become a beautiful valued possession!  Persevere and and you'll have beauty and victory in life! 

Highlights for further study:

Benito Juarez, Mexican President

Puebla, city in Mexico

Telavera pottery

Mexican cuisine (tacos, tostadas, chalupas, tlayuda tostadas, sope, flautas, tamales, and much more!)

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