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Episode 1: The Stork and the Spear

Africa to Germany in 1600

What was happening all over the world in the year 1600? From a lush lakeside in Kenya, through Egypt, Israel, and finally Germany, follow the migration of a pair of storks as they travel north to start a family; discover the geography, cultures, and historical figures they met along the way!

Activities & Resources
Track the stork's journey with this colorful photo chart!
Print out this map of Africa and track the stork's flight pattern!
Check out this fantastic resource for other helpful maps of Africa, and test your knowledge of African geography with this quiz!

Episode 2:  
The Swift, a Sailor and  a  Shogun
(Parts 1 & 2)

India, China, Korea, and Japan in 1600

Paint for a Prize!! Color or paint these line drawings of the Indian princess or a samurai and send them to Brilliant Mornings for a chance to win a prize! 
(Post to Instagram stories and tag @brilliantmornings, or email them to:
Featured units on countries:
Featured multicultural books: 

Episode 3: A Cuckoo Who Likes  Candy

Join the world as it follows a live cuckoo on its travels!

The year 1600 is full of secrecy; as separatists in England begin to hold secret church meetings hiding from the Queen, that very Queen is holding secret meetings with the Ambassador of Morocco.  What will come of all this? From the tropical rainforest of the African Congo, to the great Kingdom of Benin, to present-day Morocco and England, join a migrating Cuckoo bird with a sweet tooth to discover some of the key players of this exciting time in history!

Featured Family:

Episode 4:  The Duck Who Won't Divulge

Coming Soon!
Activities to come!
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